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Delightful and focused November for GIIS Smart Campus Hadapsar

GS20 Sports Event held at GIIS Hadapsar Campus

GIIS Smart Campus Hadapsar hosts the first-ever culinary competition

Kindergarteners of GIIS Smart Campus Hadapsar learn about density

Passion and zeal on show as GIIS Smart Campus Hadapsar celebrates Diwali

GIIS Hadapsar students swamped with events & activities this October

GIIS Hadapsar’s Shreshtha Pawar bags top-spot at Stories Coming Alive Event

STEAM Week celebrated at GIIS Hadapsar

Kindergarteners at GIIS Hadapsar were introduced to coding

Splendid September as GIIS Hadapsar bustles with activities and events

K.Kalah Kulaisingam GIIS

Early childhood is a crucial time as your child is beginning to build relationships, making connections with the surrounding environment and …

Mr.Siju Philip GIIS

  It's no more a secret that curiosity makes learning more effective and enjoyable. According to neurological study, curiosity makes our brains …

Rashda Yasmine GIIS

  Every child has a distinct set of potentials. While some excel academically, others choose sports, arts, music, etc. to make the most of their …

GSF20 Opening Ceremony: Chairman & Co-Founder GSF- Mr. Atul Temurnikar’s Speech at Hadapsar Campus

In his speech, Mr Atul Temurnikar, Chairman & Co-founder, GSF talks about the Hadapsar campus, thanking each and every student, parent and teacher fraternity for supporting the GIIS Hadapsar campus to reach this incredible milestone of success. He goes on

Oct 4th