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Students showcase their knowledge at IB PYP Celebration of Learning

SINGAPORE, 3 JUNE, 2019: Two months into the new curriculum of IB PYP, GIIS SMART Campus held a celebration of learning on 30th May, which was well received by parents and guests. The event featured students as communicators. It was a student-led …

IBDP Class of 2019 given grand farewell at SMART Campus

SINGAPORE, 24th May 2019: The 13th batch of IBDP students got a glittering farewell at the Graduation Ceremony held at the SMART Campus in the presence of teachers, parents and peers.  The Class of 2019 had finished their final exams earlier this year, …

Alumna Adyasha Mohanty talks about her journey to Georgia Tech

SINGAPORE, 28 MAY, 2019: It wasn’t a surprise when Adyasha Debahuti Mohanty got a spot in the prestigious Georgia Tech University for a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Adyasha was a scholar from India, she surrounded herself with intellectually inclined …

Artists Inspire Students to appreciate Performing Arts and be Devoted to One’s Field

What does it truly take to succeed? When one looks at a famous movie star, it is easy to imagine that success just happened. Overnight, this person …

How does International Curricula add value?
Priya Kapoor, IB PYP C GIIS

International curricula are increasingly becoming a preferred choice for students and parents as the education is evolving from being local to …

When I hosted my first podcast at the Radio Studio in my school
Sreejana Basu, Student GIIS

  I recently got the opportunity to host one of the podcasts where I had to interview Ms Divya Prasad, the student counsellor at GIIS SMART …

Global Learning magazine (May 2019)

Global Learning magazine (May 2019)

Global Learning magazine (May 2019)

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