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With new academic year comes fresh hopes of normalcy

Principal's Message: Importance of Integrity in students

SMART Campus students participate in inter-school 'Weave-a-Tale' competition

SMART Campus students win 'All Rounded Projects' award by the Singapore Kindness Movement

NS Open Day 2021 webinar at the SMART Campus

Exchange of ideas for student benefit at GALS 2020

Why visit GIIS SMART Campus?

Check out glimpses of the campus in this short 30 sec virtual tour. See our creative learning spaces, digital classrooms and the many skills based labs to know what your child will enjoy in this SMART Campus. Click here to view the full length campus to

Mar 3rd

GIIS Healthline: Helping Students Deal with Exam Stress

Examinations are a stressful part of school life for both students and parents, but sometimes the stress gets a little out of hand. In this edition of the GIIS Healthline webinar series, we address the issue of exam stress and our top tips to tackle it e

Mar 1st