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K.Kalah Kulaisingam
K.Kalah Kulaisingam July 14, 2021

Why the Early Childhood programme at GIIS is a holistic experience

Early childhood is a crucial time as your child is beginning to build relationships, making connections with the surrounding environment and developing interests that would stay with them during later stages of life. Studies and researches have time and again emphasised on the importance of pre-school education. 

The impact and learnings are long-term and extend beyond the classrooms. Some of the benefits are smoother transition to primary school, increased self-sufficiency as children enter adulthood and lower risk of socio-emotional health problems. 

At GIIS, the Global Montessori Plus (GMP) curriculum is a thoughtful approach to holistic education. There are five fundamental pillars to help the child learn through play, care, and multifaceted and futuristic learning. The aim is to accelerate a childs growth by enhancing their cognitive, motor and expressive skills from an early age. It leads to shaping their sense of cultural awareness, responsibility towards the environment and their social skills. 

This award-winning programme puts together the world-renowned Maria Montessori schools approach to preschool methodology with the best practices of modern education. 

Fast and eager learners with Excelerate programme

Early childhood education should not be limited to preparation for primary school. At GIIS, we focus on building up a childs sense of independence, making them fast and eager learners from a young age. While most preschools around the world understand the importance of basic literacy skills for young children, we believe in the acceleration of these skills. The students become fluent in language through listening, speaking, reading and writing, even as they are taught numeracy skills in a fun and interesting manner. 

Multifaceted learning keeps individuality intact

The GMP programme recognises that every child is unique. The Thematic Learning methodology was created keeping in mind that every childs individuality should be celebrated. The tailor-made interactive activities seek to nurture a childs inherent personality and help in the steady growth of their intellectual capacities.


iPlay programme for overall development

It is essential for kindergarteners to engage in fun activities for their physical, socio-emotional and cognitive development. Under the GMP programme, the play approach is structured at creating a right environment for students to interact and learn. They are given the choice to decide about their play even as they gather information and assimilate it into their day-to-day lives. This lays a strong foundation for self-management and a sense of independence.

Sensitising students towards the community

Creating awareness among students about their community and the environment is a significant part of the GMP programme. Through activities like planting trees and charity drives, the students are taught universal values of compassion, kindness and giving. Such interactions allow the children to build a bond with members outside their inner circle, inculcating qualities that aid personality development.


Building 21st century learners

The Future-Ready programme introduces children to 21st century learning methodology. The programme includes a dynamic, hands-on approach to learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) through active participation, encouraging creativity and critical thinking.

This is what parents have to say

The success of the programme can be measured through the testimonials shared by the parents, who have commended the schools initiatives, especially during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that led to home-schooling.

I would like to thank the school for taking such a good initiative to educate the parents first and then starting the classes for the students. Thanks especially to the teachers who are guiding us 24/7, says Sapna Sridhar, who has a daughter and son studying in GIIS.

Balamouraly Nagarajan, another parent, shares his appreciation for his sons teacher for the seamless transition to online classes.

The classes are conducted systematically, very punctual and well-organised. We find it very useful, comfortable and productive even though it is conducted online and can see good results in our sons learning ability, he says.

Holistic education extends beyond classroom

Holistic education helps children discover their identities, learn from the community and sharpen their critical thinking skills. The students are able to face challenges with high resilience, are equipped with better communication skills and increased levels of confidence.

As students make progress, they expand their learning horizons through academic excellence, sports mastery, visual and performing arts, personality development, innovation and creativity, entrepreneurship and leadership, universal value and ethics, community and care and skills development.

When it comes to encouraging children to become all-rounders, GIIS uses the 9 GEMS holistic education framework that is a balanced,  innovative, adaptive and age-appropriate practice for student development. This approach is being practiced in and out of the classrooms even as the pandemic continues to affect normalcy.

GIIS believes in broadening the spectrum, aiming for an intensive growth and overall development of your child.

If you would like to know more about GMP, our early childhood education programme, please feel free to contact us or get in touch with our admissions team.

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