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Sailing on a Sea of Words: An online workshop on Phonics

Students celebrated many facets of Gandhi Ji’ s life on his 151st birth anniversary

Learning and honing language skills early on

Chinese english bilingual Programme
Manju Nair, PYP Coordi GIIS

Did you know that 43% of the worlds population is Bilingual? And the number is growing at a high rate! The world has seen a sudden rise in the demand …

Chinese English Bilingual at GIIS
Gina Cai, Bilingual Te GIIS

To be able to put themselves in someone else's shoes and see the world from another perspective is something that the children will need to do more …

Soumya Sarala GIIS

  Todays children and young students have the innate ability to navigate the Web and use technological devices. They are digital natives, they …

GIIS pays tribute to Gandhi Ji through a heartfelt-letter

2nd October,1869 was the day when the world was graced with a Gem, a man of values, a revolutionary leader, Mahatma Gandhi! Today, on #GandhiJayanti, the world celebrates Bapu and thanks him for his contribution. But have you ever wondered about having a

Oct 2nd

Teacher's Day at GIIS

To all the GIIS India students, we are very proud to see your commitment towards making your teachers feel loved and respected. The #TeachersDay celebrations at GIIS India were timeless because of our students’ efforts! From writing thoughtful poems to cr

Sep 12th