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Celebration of Life: GIIS Whitefield Pre Primary kids exemplify the quintessence of life

Students toured the world virtually to identify unique International festivals

GIIS Whitefield Students' All set to Feature in INTACH Explorer's Monkey Tales Newsletter

Prithvin, the impeccable star storyteller from GIIS Whitefield

Quizzards of GIIS – Smart little champs win at the clever test of knowledge

Virtual Connect Series _ When GIIS Whitefield Met GIIS Punggol,Singapore

The Virtual Connect Series between the kindergarten kids of GIIS Whitefield and GIIS Smart Campus, Punggol, Singapore was first-of-its-kind initiative and quite an interesting one too. Fruits and vegetables, as we all know, are the most important part of

Feb 5th

All about GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship (GCS)

The GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship is a prestigious grant offered by the Global Schools Foundation (GSF) to reward meritorious students with a chance to global education. Every year, the top-scoring students of Grade 10 get the opportunity for a fully-fu

Jan 23rd