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GIIS Whitefield students vow to ‘Restore the Earth’

Stupendous performance of students under Sumaja Nambiar's mentoring, in the Learn Storm Challenge

Marching up with assurance about our best teaching methodologies

Aadhyansh and Ananya of GIIS Whitefield win Accolades and Happy Cash in Science Quiz

GIIS Whitefield’s Innovation in STEAM program brings home the Award at the 18th ELETS World Education Awards Summit

The dazzling spectacle at the virtual Circus leave pre-primary kids awe-amazed

Udaan, the annual day gave wings to the talents

Promising the highest standard of teaching and learning

Celebration of Life: GIIS Whitefield Pre Primary kids exemplify the quintessence of life

Rema Rajiv GIIS

Experiential learning is at the heart of our philosophy of education at our preschool in GIIS. Young children learn best by being deeply immersed and …

Teacher giving hands-on experience to GIIS student at the Design Studio in GIIS SMART Campus
Isobel Lynn Lee, Deput GIIS

When visiting a primary school section, like here in GIIS, it is usual to expect students involved in colourful, fun-looking playful group activities …

Deepa Chandrasekaran GIIS

The IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) is a rigorous pre-university programme that is designed to prepare students for university life. When students …

Dhruv Jalan of GIIS Whitefield - ‘Player of the NINE A SIDE National Football Tournament’

For Dhruv, the year 2021 definitely had the stars shining in his favor. When the Karnataka State U15 Football team trial for ‘NINE A SIDE National Tournament’ was conducted in January, 2021, he just went for it with no second thoughts. He was selected to

Mar 30th

Virtual Connect Series _ When GIIS Whitefield Met GIIS Punggol,Singapore

The Virtual Connect Series between the kindergarten kids of GIIS Whitefield and GIIS Smart Campus, Punggol, Singapore was first-of-its-kind initiative and quite an interesting one too. Fruits and vegetables, as we all know, are the most important part of

Feb 5th