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GIIS Whitefield Hosts the Inter-School Winter Willows Cricket Tournament

Good Citizenship Week and the Joy of Giving gesture by the Pre Primary kids

Rangotsav by Grade 1 to 5 students was a kaleidoscope to watch the celebration of colours and dance styles

GIIS Scholarship Programme
Pramod Tripathi GIIS

  A robust scholarship programme at GIIS has made it possible for many students to be on an equal footing with those who are more privileged, …

Rajeev Katyal, Country GIIS

  When everything in todays world is available at the touch of a finger then why should education be left behind? Technology has created a …

Safety of students in school during COVID

  The rapidly-spreading COVID-19 has changed the way that governments, corporations and schools are operating. The sudden crisis has imposed a …

GIIS Leadership Lecture Series_Sukhdeep Kaur_GIIS Whitefield

Ms. Sukhdeep Kaur, Science Teacher of GIIS Whitefield shares insightful thoughts on the fact that exams are not to be feared and shares tips to keep calm and focus on the breath before giving the exams.

Dec 2nd

GIIS Leadership Lecture Series_ Doreen Catherine Batra_GIIS Whitefield

Ms.Doreen Catherine Batra, English teacher of GIIS Whitefield shares here experience where she talks about how to gain the confidence of a child to help them overcome loneliness and get interact freely with classmates and family.

Dec 2nd