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Grade 1 to 5 enjoyed a virtual field trip to astounding tourist places in Dubai and Sri Lanka

GIIS Whitefield Hosts the Inter-School Winter Willows Cricket Tournament

Virtual Parent Teacher Meeting conducted on Zoom


Lets admit, international school education in Singapore is expensive. Expat parents looking for well-established primary schools that offer premium …

Remya Sasidharan Pilla GIIS

  We live in an era that will likely be called the Digital Age. Here technology is an inevitable part of our lives and the world is at our …

Parameshwari Sathiyamo GIIS

Education has leaped to new highs in the 21st century - both in terms of syllabus and delivery of the syllabus. With the advent of new-age learning …

GIIS INDIA Earth Day Song 2020

On the occasion of Earth Day, even though we are amid a national lockdown, this situation did not deter any student, teacher or parent to participate enthusiastically in a recent initiative to thank Mother Earth . Since our students are at home, we cou

Apr 26th

GIIS Whitefield Overview by Dr. Shivananda C S ( Principal, GIIS Whitefield)

Our respected Principal and able leader, Dr. Shivananda, Principal , GIIS Whitefield gives us an exclusive insight about the GIIS holistic learning methodology in the CBSE curriculum, the GIIS 9 GEMS that maps the 10 major life skills in a way to help stu

Apr 15th