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Time for the summer break after an engaging April

Earth Day celebrated by students of GIIS Smart Campus Balewadi

Students of GMP celebrate World Health Day

A focused March for students of GIIS Smart Campus Balewadi

Secondary Section annual day 'Affinity-The Real Bonding' held at GIIS Balewadi

GIIS Balewadi opens gates for offline school for Grades 10 and 12

Primary Annual Day 'Utopia- A Musical Journey' held at GIIS Balewadi

Time for students to stay focused as exams round the corner

GMP Annual Day 'Sparkles' held at GIIS Balewadi

Eshani Shrivastava from GIIS Balewadi clinches top spot at Inter-GIIS Show and Tell Competition

K.Kalah Kulaisingam GIIS

Early childhood is a crucial time as your child is beginning to build relationships, making connections with the surrounding environment and …

Mr.Siju Philip GIIS

  It's no more a secret that curiosity makes learning more effective and enjoyable. According to neurological study, curiosity makes our brains …

Rashda Yasmine GIIS

  Every child has a distinct set of potentials. While some excel academically, others choose sports, arts, music, etc. to make the most of their …

Republic Day celebrated at GIIS Smart Campus Balewadi

The 73rd Republic Day was celebrated with gaiety and fervour at GIIS SMART Campus, Balewadi on Wednesday, January 26. The Republic Day is a commemoration of the date of 26 January 1950 when the Constitution of India came into effect. This historic day is

Feb 5th

Mr Atul Temurnikar's speech at the Balewadi campus on the occasion of GSF 20 opening ceremony

In his speech, Mr Atul Temurnikar, Chairman & Co-founder, GSF talks about the journey of GIIS Balewadi so far. He talks about how the school was in the right place at the right time. When GIIS Balewadi commenced operations in 2017, its unique offerings o

Oct 5th