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GIIS Dubai student Amogh strikes gold in CBSE National Swimming Championship

UAE Flag Day celebration unites students in national pride at GIIS Dubai

Robotics-Innovation-STREAM-Exploration (RISE) activities fosters creativity and problem-solving skills among GlIS Dubai students

Qutuhal Season 5 kicks off at GIIS with a grand expedition of curiosity and innovation

Exciting learning adventures unhold for early years at GIIS Dubai

GIIS Dubai excels in inter-school Model United Nations Conference

Global Students' Summit unites youth in pursuit of equitable livelihood and sustainability

Virtual student-led inter-school event celebrates diversity through art at GIIS Dubai

GIIS students dive into space exploration to celebrate India’s Chandrayan missions

GIIS Dubai secures third spot at Global Excellence Day

K.Kalah Kulaisingam GIIS

Early childhood is a crucial time as your child is beginning to build relationships, making connections with the surrounding environment and …

Mr.Siju Philip GIIS

  It's no more a secret that curiosity makes learning more effective and enjoyable. According to neurological study, curiosity makes our brains …

Rashda Yasmine GIIS

  Every child has a distinct set of potentials. While some excel academically, others choose sports, arts, music, etc. to make the most of their …

GIIS Leadership Lecture & Masterclass with Sheykhar Ravjiani

Guess who visited GIIS, Dubai as a part of Leadership Lecture Series? It's none other than Sheykhar Ravjiani. It was a remarkable event with interactions and singing sessions with Mr.Ravjiani. Here is the video for you to have a wholesome experience of th

May 31st

Week 3 Catch Up of GIIS UAE - Heartfulness MENA Confluence 2.0

Fun activities and stories about the UNESCO values of Creativity & Appreciation had us excited throughout this week at the GIIS UAE - Heartfulness MENA Confluence 2.0 - Wisdom Bridge. All sessions from the third week are now available only on our Facebook

Apr 21st