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January 31, 2024



Warm Greetings!

We wish you a very Happy 2024 and hope our first newsletter of the year finds you in good health and in the highest of spirits!

Reflecting on the past year fills us with immense gratitude for the unwavering support we have received from everybody.

Under the glistening sun and the pleasant evening breeze, the grounds and portals of GIIS Smart Campus Hadapsar welcomed one and all for a two-day Annual Day Celebration of Grades 3-9 held on 19th and 20th January 2024. A rainbow of colors unfurled on the stage amidst the school campus's great splendor, mirth, and zest. The program commenced with the prize distribution ceremony where the students who excelled in academics and global international competitions were awarded.

The theme on the 1st day for Grades 3-5 was- ‘The Palette- Defining the Colours of Life’. The event’s cultural palette included spectacular dance performances such as the leaf dance, a rain dance medley,a rib-tickling Charlie Chaplin act, a Sports Display, captivating Halloween and Shiv Tandav drama acts, along with a special dance performance highlighting women empowerment, and some heartwarming and soulful prayer songs.

On the 2nd day, the grand celebration continued for Grades 6-9 as the theme for their event was ‘ Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ a Sanskrit word which means, ‘The World is One Family.’ There were many dance performances from different countries displaying the colors of diversity, a love song to the Earth, nukkad natak, yoga, gymnastics, and a sports display along with a musical rendition by the school choir and a fashion show. Finally, the cherry on the cake was a special teacher performance.

The exhilarating shows on both days were an unforgettable experience and left a lasting impression on the minds of everyone present. It was indeed a marvelous display of talent and fervor.

The harvest festival, Makar Sankranti marks the end of winter solstice. To experience the festivity, the students enjoyed many fun activities such as kite-making while munching popcorn and eating a scrumptious traditional lunch on 15th January 2024. Various competitions were conducted to celebrate diversity in traditional attires.

The Annual Sports Day was conducted to help build healthy bodies, minds, and spirits. This event helped the children to acquire confidence, enhance their ability to handle pressure and improve their time management, teamwork, and coordination. The students projected their sportsmanship and athletic abilities with great skill.

Republic Day was celebrated in complete patriotic spirit in the campus. Our little ones came dressed as National Leaders and Freedom Fighters and in bright tri-coloured attire for the day. They took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity. Teachers and children proudly recited the ‘Pledge of India’ and sang the National anthem during the special assembly. The patriotic spirit was well-displayed by the students as they enjoyed making the Indian flags.

A lively farewell ceremony was held for the Grade 10 students of the 2023-2024 batch. Organized by Grade 9 students, the event featured a warm welcome, dynamic dance performances, a special song by the musical band, a ramp walk by Grade 10 students, and heartfelt songs sung by teachers. The day included games, a candlelight ceremony, and cake cutting. The Principal, Secondary Coordinator, and teachers added a special touch by presenting mementos as tokens of love and blessings to the departing students.

An audio-visual presentation was also shown which captured the special messages given by the teachers as they wished them luck for their Board Examinations and future endeavors.

“May blessings and happiness attend every step of your progress in this world”- Swami Vivekananda



Principal, GIIS Hadapsar

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