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GIIS KL- Virtual Sports Day- Primary & Secondary

GIIS KL- Virtual Cultural Festival- Secondary- Vivacious Hues Of Glee

International Students Exchange Program by HETS

Inter School Competition

‘The Indian Toy fair 2021’

GIIS KL- Session with Alumni Front liners

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Principal's Newsletter February 2021


GIIS KL- Session with an Alumnus

Odaia B Ranido GIIS

When students attend a school that prioritises inquiry-based learning, they are not only allowed to be curious and ask questions they are required …

Anupama Monga GIIS

  Nothing stays the same. Managing change is now more important now than ever. Today, in this fast-paced, unpredictable world, not only is …

Jelitha Rose GIIS

  The National Education policy places an emphasis on a holistic, learner centered, flexible system that seeks to transform India into a vibrant …

GIIS Kuala Lumpur - International Women's Day Video - 8th March 2021

Our panelist: Kalpana Raajkumar Suhanti Kuppusamy LT COL RAJESWARI A/P V M VENUGOPAL psc MuthuLakshmi Hemen Arun Kulkarni Major Karan from Royal Renjer Regiment Yamuna Harshavardhana Thineletchumi A/P Retnam

Mar 26th