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GIIS KL Empowers Students to Fight Cyberbullying with Kindness

GIIS KL Students Dive into Business World with FedEx/JA ITC Workshop

GIIS KL Recognizes Young Artists at Earth Day Award Ceremony

9C Assembly Inspires Action on Polluted Rivers

A Celebration of Love: GIIS KL's Mother's Day Extravaganza

Kindergarteners Learn Self Care on 'Grooming Day'

GIIS KL Students Achieve Stellar Results in CBSE Class 12 Exams

GIIS KL Campus CBSE Grade 10 Rocks the Board Exams

Laughter Rings Through GIIS Kuala Lumpur as 4A Celebrates World Laughter Day

GIIS KL Fosters Appreciation and Growth Through Mother's Day Celebration

K.Kalah Kulaisingam GIIS

Early childhood is a crucial time as your child is beginning to build relationships, making connections with the surrounding environment and …

Mr.Siju Philip GIIS

  It's no more a secret that curiosity makes learning more effective and enjoyable. According to neurological study, curiosity makes our brains …

Rashda Yasmine GIIS

  Every child has a distinct set of potentials. While some excel academically, others choose sports, arts, music, etc. to make the most of their …

GSF20 Opening Ceremony: Atul Temurnikar's Speech at KL Campus

A small step taken by Global Schools Foundation nearly 20 years ago has borne fruit. From 48 students to 20,000 students, GSF schools has come a long way. In this speech, Mr Temurnikar talks about the Foundation's journey and the GIIS KL schools achieveme

Oct 13th