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Constitution Day

RWCC- 2020


Christmas Celebration

Student Leader Award Meet 2020

Al-Tasamuh, the annual interschool competition

Melissa Maria GIIS

The International Baccalaureate programme is designed to provide students with an immersive and multicultural academic experience. Not only are …

Reecha Kumar GIIS

A very frequently heard term in the domain of school education, especially primary years, inquiry-based learning is an unconventional approach to …

Deepika Sodhi, Academi GIIS

The aim of 21st century education is to prepare the students for success in a global environment and a curriculum like Cambridge International …

GIIS in BBC Asia Business report, March 2014

Asia Business Report on BBC news channel, March 3, 2014 interviews GIIS Chairman and Co-Founder Mr Atul Temurnikar. Also featured are GIIS East Coast Campus parent Ms Sana Chawla and her son Class 9, GIIS student Dev with GIIS IGCSE Coordinator Ms Shyla M

Mar 7th

GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship 2014

Global Schools Foundation - headquartered in Singapore - offers the GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship to deserving candidates as a stepping stone for future growth by providing them an unparalleled learning experience at its flagship campus in Queenstown Ca

Mar 7th