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October 12, 2018

The Young Stars Shine at the Inter-House Solo Vocal Music Competition

With the aim of honing the vocal skills of the young students, an 'Inter-House Solo vocal music Competition' was organized for the students of Grade 1 to Grade 5 in October 2018 at Global Indian International School Surat.

The competition was judged by the extremely talented vocalists, Mrs. Shweta Patel and Mr. Pritesh.

The participants put forth their enthralling performances as the competitors sang a variety of songs. They outshone and exhibited their melodious voices which in turn, attracted the audience at large. The audience was extremely supportive and all the young maestros who participated in the competition, put in their best effort in order to transform it into a grand success. Every participant was adequately appreciated by the judges.

The results are as follows:

 Sr. No.  Name of the student  Class  Rank
 1.  Aradhya Kodam  1-A  1st
 2.  Kanishk Jain  1-A  2nd
 3.  Kavya Kamani  1-A  2nd
 4.  Khanak Sharma  1-B  1st
 5.  Upasana Singh  1-B  2nd
 6.  Jal Shah  2-A  1st
 7.  Pramod Kanwer  2-A  2nd
 8.  Aditi Shrivastava  2- B  1st
 9.  Sejal Pandey  2- B  2nd
 10.  Lekisha Khandelwal  2- B  2nd
 11.  Neha Pandey  3- A  1st
 12.  Jasli Shaji  3- A  2nd
 13.  Saker  Yelai  4-A  1st
 14.  Siddharth Singh  4-A  2nd
 15.  Vaishnavi Choudhary  4-A  2nd
 16.  Satya Kumari  4-B  1st
 17.  Milind Patel  4-B  2nd
 18.  Nishi Patel  5-A  1st
 19.  Tamana Pathan  5-A  2nd
 20.  Hanshika Sharma  5-A  2nd
 21.  Pankaj Shukla  5-B  1st
 22.  Ayushi Rathi  5-B  2nd
 23.  Ashruti Swain  5-B  2nd
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