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December 07, 2020

Students celebrated Navy day with an immersive 3D virtual tour of INS Vikramaditya

Global Indian International School, Surat observed Indian Navy Day. The day is celebrated every year on December 4 to commemorate the attack on the Karachi harbour during the India-Pakistan war in 1971. On this day, the Indian Navy's attack on Karachi harbour contributed to the ultimate victory of the Indian Armed Forces over Pakistan. The theme of Navy Day 2020 was "Indian Navy Combat Ready, Credible & Cohesive".

The role of the Indian Navy is to secure the marine edges of the country and update the worldwide relations of India through seaport visits, joint exercises, altruistic missions, upheaval help, etc. Its objective is also to improve the circumstance in the Indian Ocean Zone.

The day at GIIS began with a special assembly honoring all our armed men followed by a special tribute to armed forces for their diligent work, support, passion, and chivalry of our naval officers.

The students from pre-primary to grade 8 shared their knowledge of the naval fleet. A short speech emphasizing the history of the Indian Navy filled the young hearts with ecstasy, pride, and honor.

To make it more immersive, a 3D virtual tour of the fighter ship - The INS Vikramaditya was arranged by the teachers. The 15 minutes short and interesting session was conducted by the ship’s personnel in which students explored various important sections of the ship such as the aircraft carrier’s flight deck and other unclassified areas on their phone screens and other devices.

We, at GIIS, salute the bravery and selfless service of the Indian Navy.

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