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January 02, 2019

Shades of Pink bloom at school's Pre-Primary Segment

The Pre-Primary section of Global Indian International School, Surat recently celebrated ‘Pink Day’ in December 2018. It was wonderful to watch the little ones' bloom and blossom in manifold shades of pink.

The teachers went over-board and decorated the Soft Boards with multiple posters depicting the impact of the colour pink. The tiny tots also participated in a variety of hands- on activities related to the identification of the colour. The aim of the activity was to help the young ones identify the colour in the various objects they saw around them and were explained the significance of the colour i.e., love, beauty and kindness. They bounded with joy as they learnt that pink colour could be obtained by mixing the individual colours red and white.

It was indeed a visual treat to witness the little ones dancing and glowing thus fulfilling the purpose of celebrating pink day.

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