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December 15, 2018

School champion Yash Desai bowls over National cricket board with his skills

Master Yash Desai, an extremely talented student of GIIS Surat has been selected in December 2018 to represent the State of Gujarat at the Nationals Under - 19 Cricket Championship which is to be held at Jammu and Kashmir shortly.

Initially, Yash represented the city of Surat at the District Level after which he was qualified to represent the District at the State Level Championship. Moving further, he was shortlisted and selected to attend the Pre-National Coaching Camp at Jamnagar for a period of 8 days during which he received Intense and specialized coaching before being selected for the National Cricket Team.

GIIS Surat and GIIS India at large, are extremely proud of him and will completely support and encourage him for his future endeavors.

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