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February 14, 2020

GIIS Surat Celebrated Special Spell Bee Day to Sharpen Spelling Skills of Students

Pre-Primary section of Global Indian International School, Surat celebrated "Spell Bee" as a special day. The aim was to help students improve their spellings and vocabulary, develop conceptual understanding, and to improve their language skills. Spelling skills are important as it aids in reading. Having adequate knowledge of spelling enables the students to understand the topic faster. It helps cement the connection that is shared between sounds and letters. This activity helped the kids to open up and familiarize themselves with the spellings.

The tiny tots participated in activities like power-spell, word-find and jumbled words with enthusiasm and zeal. Their efforts, initiative, and involvement in the activity were appreciable. Being able to spell is the skill required in the 21st century. Accurate spelling is one of the sub-skills of writing also. The students who are apt at spelling have a brighter chance to become brilliant writers and poets as they never run out of the words to explain the topics or share the stories. Being able to pronounce a word on the basis of its written form is a useful speaking skill, which in turn can help the child to develop clear spoken language abilities, providing a plethora of career opportunities.

Conducting such competitions make students familiar with competitiveness and prepare them to compete in a supportive environment. GIIS creates a platform where students are exposed to such co-scholastic activities which truly help them secure a strong place in the growing world of global competition.

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