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July 01, 2021

Kaizen Club introduced for the benefit of students and betterment of the school

The Global Indian International School (GIIS), Smart Campus Hadapsar has introduced Kaizen Club in the month of June,  just like all the campuses of GIIS across the globe.

Kaizen is a Sino-Japanese word derived from two Kanji, the first Kai means ‘change’ and the second zen means ‘good’ hence the literal word of the Kaizen means change for the better i.e. improvement. At GIIS, the idea is to establish a work and learning culture of continual improvement where each and every staff member will play an important role in the overall improvement of the school. This improvement will be due to the adoption of a positive attitude towards the learning process and methodologies in the field of teaching and administration.

The GIIS Hadapsar Kaizen Club has opened up opportunities for the staff members to contribute and share ideas for change and improvement in the overall functioning of the school. The best of this initiative is that each and every staff member of GIIS Hadapsar will be contributing to various kaizen activities and will be a part of the club.

After the successful implementation of the Kaizen, the approved idea will get the chance to be displayed on the ‘Wall of the Fame.’ The recognition will include monthly presenter, Quarterly recognition, and yearly awardee.

Kaizen can be found in our simple daily routine and daily life such as doing chores at home, greeting and smiling at our consumers, reducing the usage of plastic while buying groceries, and implementing recycling processes at our office place. Initially, one needs to try and implement the first few simple kaizen. These could be the small, ordinary and simple improvements that tend to be overlooked as insignificant or not important.

The staff members therefore will start with recognizing these problems by following certain steps such as what is the problem, what are your ideas and logic for the improvement, what is the result and benefit, among others. The next step would be to take a before and after picture of the Kaizen activities along with the picture of the staff members to make it personal. Finally, the successfully implemented idea will be shared on the ‘Wall of Fame’ to be noticed by each and everyone at the school.

The key motive behind the introduction of Kaizen is to provide quality education at utmost safety. The implementation of Kaizen will surely improve the overall benefit of the individual students.

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