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December 20, 2021

Ayush Ayachit from GIIS Hadapsar wins Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Teachers Association award

Ayush Ayachit a Grade 2B student of GIIS Smart Campus Hadapsar put on an impressive performance, as he won the Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Teachers Association (AMATA) award recently.

It was the first international level (open to all) online Abacus competition, conducted in different levels in which Ayush won the Champion of Champion Award. Ayush was excited and overjoyed when he got the trophy and the certificate.

Abacus learning is one of the best ways to improve arithmetic skills and number fluency. Abacus math also helps develop an interest and passion in math for many students as their confidence and understanding grow from an early age.

It was a proud moment for Ayush’s parents who have always supported him. Speaking on Ayush’s feat his parents said “We are feeling very proud for the achievement Aayush got in this competition. Aayush solved many sample papers and tried to crack the exam timelines with hard work. We are also thankful to Hannan Ma'am who is encouraging Aayush in his daily Math learning."

“Ayush has worked hard for this. We are happy and proud of Ayush’s achievement. We and all at GIIS are proud of him,” his father added.

Throwing light on Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Teachers Association (AMATA). The organization is dedicated to promoting and encouraging quality teaching methods and motivating effective learning of abacus mental arithmetic. It propagates and provides the most effective Abacus education worldwide. AMATA have its own curriculum, training, and competitions every month.

Abacus learning helps with basic calculations like addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division. It also helps in the effective counting of decimal points, negative numbers, etc. When students learn to use an abacus, they use their hands and a tool with beads to calculate numbers.

As Aayush has achieved success in the level 0 competition, he is now planning for the next levels to gain detailed knowledge about the same.

GIIS constantly motivates students to be part of such events, exams, and competitions.

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