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February 05, 2021

GIIS SMART Campus, Hadapsar pioneers NextGen Learning in Pune

As educational institutions across the world began evolving ways to complement the new normal, Singapore-based Global Indian International School was already ahead of the curve. Ever since its conception, the school has been preparing not just academically strong students but individuals with a vision for the future.

This future-forward approach gave birth to the concept of SMART Campus – a one-of-a-kind integrated learning space built to foster the passion to discover new knowledge and apply it into the real world. The first digitally driven GIIS SMART Campus was built in Singapore, soon followed by GIIS SMART Campuses in Pune, at Balewadi and Hadapsar, respectively.

We feel immensely proud to announce that GIIS SMART Campus, Hadapsar has been recognised as the Only NextGen School in Pune in the Times School Survey 2020 conducted recently in January 2021. What adds more pride to this coveted accomplishment is that the school was also acknowledged as the Best in Teaching Excellence in Times School online education survey 2020 conducted in September 2020. No wonder, GIIS’ educational frameworks are acknowledged among the best in the world, garnering over 200 awards. Infact, this new coveted recognition (as the only NextGen School in Pune) has added even higher momentum to the school’s mission of keeping the students ahead of the curve.

Both GIIS SMART Campuses in Pune are conceptualised on the lines of the first GIIS SMART Campus in Singapore. Designed by leading architects, these campuses are dedicated to 21st-century education, where students don’t just study but enjoy the freedom to think, collaborate and create solutions that can change the world.

GIIS SMART Campuses are founded on the idea of NextGen learning where innovative learning tools, including smartboards, Digital Lockers, iPads, Wi-Fi enabled classrooms, digital libraries & online learning modules, Global student exchange programs, Project & activity-based learning methodologies and many more have been put in place to inculcate a tech-driven and global mindset among students.

That's just not it. GIIS SMART campuses are also equipped with advanced tools and features like Sports data Analytics, Student performance improvement plan, and Facial recognition systems in order to give students the best to help them enhance their individual performance not only in academia but also in sports, and all of it in a safe and secure environment.

Hadapsar campus, by all means, is truly the school of the future committed to nurturing smart leaders of the next generation - a forte that continues to win the GIIS SMART Campuses such prestigious rankings and awards. 

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to our students, parents, teachers, and each member of the GIIS community who has been the force behind our endeavours and the consequent victories on Indian and international platforms. With this enduring support, we are sure to reach even bigger milestones in future-ready education. 

GIIS SMART Campus, Hadapsar (in Leisure town, behind Amanora Fire Station) is part of a growing network of International schools that comprises of 21 campuses across 7 countries, and a global community of over 15000 students of around 42 nationalities.

GIIS has taken all safety precautions against covid-19 and are open for campus tours. To book a campus tour, call 1800 5722 810, or WhatsApp your query at 75888 86800. You can also visit GIIS Pune website www.giispune.org for more information.

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