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December 28, 2020

GIIS Hadapsar Students spread the message of love and harmony during virtual Christmas celebrations

The Global Indian International School (GIIS), Hadapsar celebrated the occasion of Christmas along with teachers and students to spread the message of love and joy during the virtual celebrations held on 24th December, 2020. The Christmas celebrations began with a special virtual session consisting of various special activities for the students across grades. During the session, teachers shared the significance of Christmas celebrations and why it is celebrated by Christian community. The little munchkins were seen dressed in red and white themed dresses looking radiant and beautiful as ever. 

Dr. D Lakshami Prasanna, Principal Smart Campus Hadapsar, during her virtual interaction wished all the students a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Students from Nursery to Grade 8 participated in several virtual activities organized by the teachers to showcase their talents. They made snow man, Christmas trees, and participated in various art and craft activities. 

Students made some mummy mouth watering dishes such as dry fruit cake, chocolate balls, dry fruits candies and cake of various flavors. Some of the students even made an edible snow man. It was an indeed wonderful virtual meet were children enjoyed each and every activity; they were surprised to know that Santa is coming to their house secretly to full fill their wishes during the festival. All students were danced to the tunes of Jingle bells and while enjoying their hand made delicacies. 

Ms. Sharmistha Sinha, academic coordinator enlightened the students about the occasion and reason why Santa visits us on the very same day. The tiny tots enjoyed the session and sang Christmas carols during the virtual celebration. It was indeed a lovely Christmas Fiesta for the primary and secondary segments which they are going to remember and cherish for long. 

Some of the students were also seen all transformed in the costume of Santa which they had designed by their own. Children were also seen gifting others their hand-made collection of gifts. Parents too appreciated the efforts made by the teachers. The special session ended with a special announcement of holiday for the students. All the students were seen quite excited for the virtual surprise visit of Santa and wish them all a 'Merry Christmas.'


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