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May 09, 2023

SMART Campus and World Vision conducts an informative session for parents

GIIS SMART Campus and World Vision India recently organised an engaging session for parents in India, focusing on effective time management. The session aimed to equip parents with practical strategies and tools to better manage their time and reduce stress levels.


The session was conducted by two parent representatives, Ms Purva Khandelwal, and Ms Mani Gupta. During the session, they shared valuable insights and practical tips on how parents can optimise their time and resources to achieve better time management. The focus was on addressing the unique challenges faced by families with lower incomes who have to balance multiple responsibilities with limited resources and time.


Various techniques on time management were discussed, including prioritising tasks, setting achievable goals, and planning one's day effectively. The facilitators also emphasised the use of technology as a tool for time management and introduced parents to time management apps and resources. In addition, parents were encouraged to delegate responsibilities within their family, promoting a sense of shared ownership and collaboration.


Ms Khandelwal and Ms Gupta also highlighted the importance of prioritizing one's physical and mental well-being to effectively manage time and responsibilities. They shared simple relaxation techniques, such as mindfulness exercises and meditation, that parents can incorporate into their daily routine to reduce stress and increase productivity.


Overall, the engagement session on time management was a valuable opportunity for parents to learn practical skills and tools that they can apply in their daily lives. It was a significant step towards empowering parents in India and aligns with the GIIS' belief of serving the community meaningfully and ensuring that the impact is deep and scalable. 



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