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August 11, 2021

STEAM Week brings out skills in GIIS students

GIIS SMART Campus organised another STEAM Week from July 26th to July 31st, aimed at developing students’ knowledge in various domains including Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Art and Mathematics. 

A series of competitions, activities and workshops were held, that equipped students with the essential skills and tools required for NextGen learning.

The various events conducted during the STEAM Week are as follows:


The Preliminary round for the HiQ Quiz was conducted on Monday. The quiz was open to the student of classes 7 to 9 across all the GIIS campuses, and was conducted virtually through ZOOM. 

An entrepreneurial event, “Pitch Perfect”, was also held for students of classes 9 and 10. In this event, the students were asked to present unique business pitches that satisfy a given criteria with the current pandemic situation in mind. This was conducted in the L M Singhvi Seminar Hall.


The first segment of the GIIS Hackathon 2k21, “Scratch Training”, was held on Tuesday. It was open to students of classes 6 to 8, and was held virtually through ZOOM. Members of the Tech Club made sure to clarify any issues or concerns raised by the participants.


Due to an overwhelming response in the preliminary round, the HiQ Quiz Finals were conducted on Wednesday. They were also held virtually. The quiz was conducted in 4 rounds between 5 teams, each wth 3 members. At the end of the competition, GIIS SMART Campus in the lead.

The second segment of the GIIS Hackathon, “Pitch Training”, was also held virtually on Wednesday. This time, it was open to students of classes 6 to 12.

Another event conducted, was the GIIS Astro Conference, organised by the GIIS Astronomy Club. This virtual event was open to students of classes 8 to 12, and aimed to educate and captivate the students about the field of astronomy.


The second half of the GIIS Astro Conference was held virtually on Thursday, incorporating a lot more elements such as quizzes and mini competitions. GIIS Alum Aarushi Khandelwal, who graduated from NUS with a degree in Physics and Material Sciences was a guest speaker for this event. 

A science exhibition, “Time, Trends and Technology”, was also held at the Assembly Hall for classes 7 to 9, which showcased innovation through the medium of science.


Various events were held on Friday, including the third segment of the GIIS Hackathon which was held virtually. The theme of the Hackathon was “Lockdown” and students worked individually or in a team to participate for this event.

Other events include a Calculus Bee, a Visual Arts event as well as a Rocketry Workshop. The Calculus Bee, catered towards the students of classes 10 to 12, was held on campus by the GIIS Mathematics Club. Inspired by the annual MIT Integration bee, the GIIS Calculus Bee aims to provide a competitive and enriching environment for participants to showcase their calculus skills. 

The Visual Arts event also incorporated the 3 Ts - Time, Trends and Technology. It was a virtual event held for classes 6 to 12. A virtual event, “Integrating Technology in Math”, was also held for the students of classes 6 to 9.

A Rocketry Workshop was also conducted for students in the respective classrooms.


The final segment of the GIIS Hackathon was conducted on Saturday. Working on the theme “Lockdown”, the students came up with various projects that were submitted on the last day of the Hackathon. The Hackathon also featured various mini games, including a song guessing game, a scribble round as well as a talent hour. The results of the Hackathon were then released on August 4th.

The STEAM week was well aligned with GIIS’ objective of futuristic education and provided the students with orientation in various relevant areas.

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