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February 01, 2024

Students step up for charity at The FairPrice Walk for Rice

On Dec 6, 2023, students of the GIIS East Coast Campus got a remarkable opportunity to contribute to the community through their participation in The FairPrice Walk for Rice+ @ South East 2023 programme. This initiative aims to foster a spirit of giving among residents by engaging in simple activities like walking and running, while also extending support to less-privileged families.


As part of the initiative, the students embarked on the walk for rice event on the school field track. The entire school community, comprising 416 participants, including primary and secondary students, teachers, and staff, enthusiastically took part in the event.


Participants completed between 1 to 7 rounds of the 400-metre-long field track, resulting in a cumulative total of 679 rounds. This translated to an impressive mileage of 271,600 metres or 271.6 kilometres, equivalent to approximately 905 bowls of rice that could be donated.


GIIS has always been committed to giving back to society through various initiatives, and events like The FairPrice Walk for Rice exemplify this dedication. Such activities underscore the school's mission to instil important life lessons and values like empathy and community engagement in students from a young age, helping them grow into responsible citizens of society.


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