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May 10, 2023

Engaging activities for students during English Language Week

GIIS East Coast Campus recently celebrated English Language Week from April 17 to 25, providing students an opportunity to participate in an array of engaging activities. The idea behind the initiative was to help the students explore their proficiency in the language and sharpen their skills.


During the week, a variety of activities were conducted, such as fun grammar recaps, mind map exercises, kahoot quizzes, storytelling, buddy reading, language games, and character projects. One highlight of the event was Grade 8 students performing skits for Grade 5 students, creating a unique bond between the different classes and promoting the love of learning. These activities helped to bring out the unique qualities of each child in a special way and encouraged them to appreciate the English language.


The students had an enriching experience and enthusiastically participated in all the activities. GIIS has always believed in empowering students with a well-rounded education through its holistic learning framework. By engaging in activities like this, young students are inspired to pursue their career goals and develop a passion for learning.

This was a great achievement for the students.

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