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February 08, 2023

Students participate in an interactive session with Dr Chakravarthy Gudipati

The students from the GIIS East Coast Campus got an excellent opportunity to interact with scientist Dr Chakravarthy Gudipati as he visited the campus on Jan 6, 2023. Dr Chakravarthy visited the campus as part of the Leadership Lecture Series wherein he gave an insightful lecture on water conservation and its treatment. He works in the field of water treatment and is helping companies develop new technologies for treating water and recovering precious metals from water. 


As part of the fun and interactive panel discussion round, the students asked various questions about his professional journey and the road to success, ways of sustainable usage of water, systems, and tools needed to build infrastructure that purifies water. Overall, the session with Dr Chakravarthy motivated every student to think about the betterment of the environment. 


Through the Leadership Lecture Series, the school provides an excellent platform for the students to engage in interactive sessions with eminent personalities from all walks of life who have achieved numerous milestones in their respective fields. The insights shared by the guest during the engaging session will encourage and guide the students to contribute towards the betterment of society as they continue on their educational journey to grow as responsible citizens.


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