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May 26, 2020

Students hone their Hindi language skills during Hindi Week

GIIS East Coast Campus celebrated the Hindi Literary Week from 18th to 21st May, in order to widen the vistas of Hindi language and promote its cultural heritage and value among students, During the week-long celebration, students from the Grade 1 to 8 participated in a plethora of events with great enthusiasm and zeal.

The main event included an array of activities like the identification of ‘ Swar & Varna', picture descriptions, slogan writing, poster-making, Show and Tell, and more! Students explored social and environmental topics like saving water, deforestation, thoughts from famous personalities. All these activities provided a great opportunity for them to expand their horizons in the language, and showcase their love and respect for one of the most ancient languages in the world.

On the last day of the event, students shared their thoughts and work with their cohort through a virtual sharing session. The use of Hindi as a medium throughout all the sessions also helped them hone their Hindi communication skills and appreciate its richness in a fun-filled and joyous manner.

Originating from the Persian word Hind meaning the ‘Land of Indus River’, the Hindi language has its origin dated back to the early 11th century. Since then, the stature of the language has seen exponential growth. Currently, it is spoken by nearly 500 million people in more than 10 countries and is recognized as the fourth-largest language in the world.

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