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February 13, 2024

GIIS EC hosts inspiring Career Talk with Mr Vipul Mehta

GIIS East Coast Campus recently organised an enriching career talk featuring Mr Vipul Mehta, the visionary founder of Edhola and author of 'Physical Chemistry'. The event aimed to empower students to navigate their career paths successfully, offering practical advice and valuable insights from Mr Mehta's extensive experience.


Mr Mehta engaged students from Grade 7 onwards, sharing invaluable advice on goal setting, skill development, and leveraging opportunities. His interactive session emphasised the importance of resilience and continuous learning in today's dynamic professional landscape.


Edhola, a leading education platform founded by Mr Mehta, integrates academics, psychometrics, and counselling to transform education. During the session, Mr Mehta discussed the evolving trends across various industries, stressing the significance of adaptability and maintaining a growth mindset.


The event provided students with a unique opportunity to glean insights from an industry leader, igniting enthusiasm for their future career endeavours. Such initiatives at GIIS empower students to broaden their understanding of the world and equip them with essential 21st-century skills, fostering their development into well-rounded individuals.





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