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November 22, 2023

GIIS East Coast Campus talent shines at Germany Durga Puja

In a fantastic showcase of performing arts excellence, two students from GIIS East Coast Campus had a remarkable opportunity to participate in Cologne, Germany, in October. Accompanied by their dance teacher, Ms Srabonti Haldar, the students Ms Shreyanshi Pradhan from CBSE 6, and Ms Nidhi Bhat from IGCSE 9, presented dance performances in the Cologne Durga Puja celebrations.


The dance troupe honed their skills at wonderful practice venues before delivering captivating performances over two days. On the day of 'Shashti,' the sixth day of the Durga Puja, the group showcased an Odissi recital. Ms Srabonti did a performance featuring various pieces, including a Ganesh Vandana and Dashavatar, portraying the ten forms of Lord Vishnu. The students presented a performance on the Durga stuti, ‘Jaya Jaya Japya.’ The group presented ‘Rupang Dehi,’ depicting the goddess's purity and divinity, and concluded with ‘Achutam Keshavam,’ a song on Lord Krishna.


Ms Srabonti performed another piece, ‘Sarbamangala Mangalle,’ a mantra praising the beauty and kindness of the goddess. The performance was a heartfelt expression of the group's deep love and gratitude for Devi Durga, symbolising the goddess's blessings and unconditional love. The six pieces eloquently showcased the connection of every being to the ultimate energy.


On ‘Saptami’, the students collaborated with a German dance group, donning bright red sarees that perfectly complemented the energy of their performance. Ms. Srabonti presented a duet aligning with the theme of 'Nari' ('Woman'), highlighting the incredible opportunities that arise when girls are equipped for success. The Cologne event featured theatrical dances, music recitals, and various dance styles, offering a delightful experience for the body and mind.


This enriching trip allowed the students to gain newfound confidence, showcasing their talents on an international platform while immersing themselves in the diverse cultures and heritages of different nations, fostering an ethos of international-mindedness. 


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