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January 30, 2024

GIIS East Coast Campus marks India's Republic Day with fervour

GIIS East Coast Campus marked the spirit of India's Republic Day on January 25 with unwavering enthusiasm and fervour. The students actively participated in organising an impressive Republic Day Assembly, aiming to enlighten their peers about the significance of the day. 

Dressed in the vibrant hues of the Indian tricolour flag, they showcased their deep-seated love and fervour for the nation. The assembly commenced with a solemn flag hoisting ceremony, followed by a thought-provoking skit performed by the Hindi department and primary segment, emphasising the fundamental rights and duties of citizens. 

An eloquent English speech depicted the importance of the Preamble and the Constitution of India. The school choir's stirring rendition of a patriotic melody stirred emotions and left a lasting impression on all in attendance. The spirit of India resonated vibrantly through a classical dance performance, exuberantly presented by the students adorned in traditional Indian attire.

Through events like this, GIIS East Coast Campus provides students with opportunities to explore and understand different cultural traditions, values, and perspectives. This is also a testament to the school's emphasis on celebrating national and international events underscores its dedication to instilling values of tolerance, empathy, and unity among students from diverse backgrounds.



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