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January 23, 2024

Fostering well-being of young learners through an engaging session

Primary students at GIIS East Coast Campus had an excellent opportunity to participate in a thought-provoking guest speaker session focused on Mindfulness. Tailored for students in Primary 1 to 5 across the CBSE and PYP curriculum, the objective of this engaging workshop was to illustrate the profound impact mindfulness practices can have on the well-being and holistic development of young learners.

Delivered with expertise and enthusiasm, the session captivated the students, offering them invaluable insights and practical strategies to incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives. From breathing techniques to mindfulness exercises, students were equipped with tools to enhance their emotional regulation, focus, and overall mental wellness.

Such initiatives epitomise GIIS's dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals, empowering them with essential 21st-century skills that extend beyond academics. By instilling mindfulness practices early on, the school aims to cultivate responsible and compassionate citizens who are poised to make meaningful contributions to society.

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