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February 06, 2024

Well begun is half done! We rocked in January!

Dear Parents,

The achievements and efforts of our students, in January, were a true testimony to the saying ‘well begun is half done’. I am excited to share the highlights of an exceptional month filled with celebrations, competitions, achievements and spirited participation.

We commenced on a festive note with our students, teachers and parents participating in Sankranti festival celebrations and competitions inside the campus, like kite making, rangoli, Pongal cooking and others.

The sky is no more the limit! The stargazers of ‘RejuvaNight’, from grade III to IX, were enthralled by the unique overnight stay activities and challenges. Children and teachers enjoyed the cosmic beauty of the Moon, Jupiter and Constellations.    

GIIS KickOff Cup’24, hosted by GIIS Bannerghatta, provided an opportunity for champions of 38 Football Clubs/Academies across Bengaluru to showcase their soccer skills. Thanks to the never-give-up attitude of the young champs from different boys and girls age categories that left an everlasting impression on all the winners and achievers lifted their trophies.

Our tricolour flag was fluttering high in the sky on account of the 75th Republic Day celebrations on campus. Ms Revathy, the Secondary Coordinator, hoisted the flag and addressed the staff. 

Our tiny tots from GMP achieved major learning outcomes and milestones through a variety of activities like Safety Week, Field Trip to the weekly market at Bannerghatta and Brown Day.

Let’s put our hands together for the following champs of our school who have treaded the extra mile beyond the classroom:

•Vaibhav of grade 4 was honoured with Best Player of the Tournament, Under 11 category in GIIS KickOff Cup ’24.

•Dhanishka of grade 4 secured a bronze medal, in the Under-12 category in the RDC 24 International karate competition, Kata and Kumite.

•Shreedivija of VA participated in SFA Chess Competitions Under-13 categories and secured a Silver medal

•Prathika of VA participated in SFA Karate competitions under-13 category and secured a Silver medal

•Priyamvada of IV A participated in Karate competitions under-13 category and secured a Bronze medal

•J.PKrishiv of VA participated in the National Open Archery Championship under-12 category and secured the Silver Medal

•J.P Samruthi, III, participated in the National Open Archery Championship Under-14 category and secured the Gold Medal

As we reflect on the success and growth of January, I extend my gratitude to our dedicated staff, enthusiastic students, and supportive parents. Here's to a new month filled with more aspirations, achievements, innovation, and a commitment to nurturing young minds.

Best Regards,

Tr. Girish R Arabbi

Principal, GIIS Bannerghatta

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