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November 17, 2020

The festival of lights and happiness cheers up our students virtually

The festival of hope showcases a gleam of diyas, echo of holy chants, peace in the heart, and happiness today, tomorrow, and forever.

At GIIS Bannerghatta, Diwali was celebrated in pomp and grandeur by all our teachers and students. It was a grand virtual festival for all our students.

Diwali is certainly one of the biggest festivals in India and even worldwide. People of different religions celebrate Diwali. Most noteworthy, the festival signifies the victory of light over darkness. This also means the triumph of good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.

Right from our little toddlers of Nursery to K2 celebrated the festival of lights with excitement and happiness. The smart enthusiasts of Grade 1 to 5 were all geared up for a fun-filled day with lots of curiosity. Children were dressed in their beautiful festive attire which added to their joy. All the classes began the celebration with the lighting of the Diya which was decorated colourfully. Students also displayed beautifully created Rangoli from their homes which added beauty and grandeur to the celebration. 

Children shared their thoughts and views about Diwali and how they wished to celebrate it with their dear ones. It was very nice to see our students relish homemade sweets with love and appreciation. Virtual as it may be, the sparkles of festivity lit all the homes of the children promising all of us the joy of Diwali and hope for a bright and prosperous future. May the beauty of Diwali fill our homes with happiness, peace, and love.

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