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February 20, 2024

Delving into magical realms with tales of time; GIIS Bannerghatta celebrates its 5th Annual Day

The Annual Day celebration is a milestone that marks a school’s success and progress. It is an occasion to look back on the achievements and an opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to its success.  GIIS Bannerghatta celebrated its 5th Annual Day on the theme 'Kaalamarhaha'-Tales of Time. It was a day filled with energy, enthusiasm and synergy, and above all, a perfect showcase of exceptional talent and perseverance.

The program was inaugurated with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp and an invocation dance. The esteemed Chief Guest for the day was Ms. Vinusha.M K, CEO, of Four Seasons Pastry, Chennai, who inspired the audience with her motivational words of wisdom. The cultural extravaganza put up by the students was unparalleled in its expression of the theme. The audience was transported to a spectacular realm of imagination where myths and legends mesmerized and captivated their attention. The grand finale was a dazzling dance show illuminated by the shining rays from mobile flashlights to add a touch of magical radiance and aura to the entire spectrum.

The event lasted for just an evening but the memories created will last a lifetime in the hearts of those who experienced it! It was a magical night where dreams were awakened, bonds were strengthened and beautiful memories were etched on the canvas of time at GIIS Bannerghatta!

Events such as these are a beautiful testament to the synergy, collaboration and bond between the students, teachers and parents as part of one large school fraternity!

Teamwork indeed makes the dream work!

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