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May 28, 2021

Chethas and Chaitanya - The Martial Arts Champs from GIIS Bannerghatta

This summer holidays, students have made the most of it with new learnings. With the new normal of online teaching even for the sports arena, everything is possible, and even Martial Arts training. Two smart students of GIIS Bannerghatta SMART Campus have an adventurous story about their karate accomplishments.

Chethas of Grade 6 has achieved his ‘GREEN BELT’ in Kickboxing during his karate grading, in the month of May 2021.  He has been getting the training since 2 years and has always shown keen interest in this form of martial art. He did have to discontinue his training due to relocation and yet that could not keep him away from the vision of the punches and art of the strikes. There came a call from within and he got back to his training from the basics. Chethas has been really enjoying his training sessions. He is not only energetic to attend his training but also enjoys fun Karate with his brother at home. He is quite taken by Karate and wants to work towards his black belt now.

Likewise, Chaitanya of Grade 1 proudly holds his ‘YELLOW BELT’ that he received during his karate grading, held in the month of May 2021. He started his training in February 2021. He trains twice a week and is very regular to his class. He looks forward to attending his classes. Due to the lockdown, he is continuing his training through online classes. He has been enjoying learning his moves and kicks. Some of his new training has been in Blocking techniques like- lower block, upper block, inner middle block, outer middle block, lower X block, upper X Block, shout out, and knife hand block among others. He is a very big fan and inspired by the power rangers series. He says that he has set out on the journey of Karate and aspires to be a red ranger to defeat the evil when he grows up.

Congratulations to both the students. Indeed, each one has had a unique journey to achieve success in what they chose to learn, with determination and dedication.

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