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April 15, 2021

Virtual Best Wishes Party organized for Grade 10 students

To celebrate the important milestone of the Grade 10 students as they were ready to leave behind the Secondary School and step into the world of Senior Secondary School, a special Virtual Best Wishes Party was organized for them at GIIS Ahmedabad on 13th April 2021.

The Grade 9 students organized this fun-filled and memorable party for their seniors. All the events of the party were meticulously planned by the students under the guidance of the teachers and the seniors were made to feel truly special.

The students enjoyed all the activities organized for them which included Virtual Scavenger Hunt, Character Portraits, One-minute games, Antakshari, Skit, Down the Memory Lane-Glimpses of the Year Gone By, Songs, and Virtual Cake cutting.

After a closely contested Talent Round, the coveted titles of Mr. and Ms. GIIS were announced. Makshita Thakur, Grade 10 A  was declared Ms. GIIS Ahmedabad, while Pratham Patel, Grade 10 B, was declared Mr. GIIS Ahmedabad.

The students turned nostalgic as they shared their cherished experiences and moments of the year. All the teachers, Co-ordinators, Head Mistress, and the Vice-Principal conveyed their best wishes to the students.

Principal Mr. Caesar D’silva said on the occasion, “I have seen most of you growing with the school. I am so happy to see the energy and confidence displayed by you all. When you are with GIIS, you are already built to succeed. At GIIS, learning goes hand in hand with joy. Keep learning without any pressure. Best wishes for a bright future.”

GIIS Ahmedabad is fully geared up to start the classes for these students for Grade 11 (Academic Session 2021-22) in all the three streams it offers - Science, Commerce, and Humanities.

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