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May 10, 2023

GIIS Ahmedabad Mihika Khatri crowned as Miss Glamorous at Junior Miss India 2023

“Never dream about success, work hard for it” - Estee Lauder

We are thrilled to announce that Mihika Khatri of GIIS Ahmedabad has been crowned as Miss Glamorous at the Junior Miss India 2023. Her outstanding achievement is a testament to her incredible intelligence, dedication, and talent. 

The competition was presided by renowned personalities such as Bollywood actor Neha Dhupia, TV personalities like Vipul Roy and Nysha Khanna, and Former Miss India Universe 2015 - Noyolith Lodh. While explaining the selection process, Amit Khatri - Mihika’s father shared, “The event started with the selection process which happened in Ahmedabad for various age groups. Since the initial process of selection was held in Ahmedabad, participants across North India registered themselves for the event. Of which, Mihika secured first position and was shortlisted for finals under the age category of 13-15 years.”

He further added, “We are extremely proud to share that Mihika was the only contestant representing Gujarat. In the cultural round, Mihika represented Gujarati culture by wearing a beautiful Gujarati traditional attire.”

The finale was conducted in Mumbai wherein the Mihika represented Gujarat. The final round was organized in three rounds - the cultural round, talent round, and cat walk round. In the talent round, Mihika presented an Indian classical dance under the guidance of GIIS Ahmedabad dance teacher, Ms. Khyati Prajapati. More than 40 students across India competed in the final to win the title of Junior Miss India 2023. When asked whether Mihika took any professional training or help, her father said, “Earlier she used to participate in such events, so she is well versed with the concept and how to perform for it. It's a part of her nature from the beginning.”

The junior beauty pageant contestants had to go through a series of rounds to determine their abilities, talents, intelligence, and beauty. The judges in these pageants search for beauty with a brain. In this context, the contestants had to introduce their culture, custom and purpose of attire. The answer that took her to the winning pedestal was, “The costume I am wearing is Chaniya-Choli. Women wear this outfit during the nine days of Navratri celebration and perform Garba. Garba word has been derived from a Sanskrit work ‘Garbh’. I am extremely proud to represent the state of Gujarat.”

Congratulating Mihika Khatri on her achievement, Mr. Caesar D’silva, Principal of GIIS Ahmedabad said, “Students always make us proud! GIIS Ahmedabad always strives to provide a platform to the students which evolves their personality in all aspects. I must say Mihika is one of the deserving contestants to win the Miss Glamorous title. All the very best for her future endeavors!”

Sharing her experience in Junior Miss India 2023 and the role of GIIS Ahmedabad in her journey, Mihika shared, “As it is rightly said school is a temple of learning, so is GIIS for me. Whatever I have achieved today is all because of my school which gave me an exposure and platform to harness my potential and capabilities. The experience was amazing and it helped a lot to boost my confidence and the event not only focuses on the beauty but the overall personality.” 

In conclusion, Mihika shared a message  for her fellow students, “Being on stage is my passion, I just want to say that never give up on your talent. Work hard and success will follow you.” 

We would like to wish Mihika Khatri all the very best for her future projects. May she become one of the best showstoppers in the fashion industry and make us proud once again.

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