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February 12, 2023


RWCC is back with yet another exciting theme for the year 2023, Sustainability- You Can Change The WorldIt was our pleasure at GIIS Balewadi to host this mega event and give wings to the unique talents of participants from GIIS campuses across the globe. 


RWCC (Real World Challenges Convention) is a unique event organized for all the GIIS Campuses to help students come on a common platform and brainstorm over the issues prevailing around the globe and also find their solutions. Since GIIS strives to develop its students into global leaders demonstrating Respect, Integrity, Skill, and Empathy, the event is a great step in aiding the fulfillment of this goal. It aimed at bringing communities together and involved students in healthy competitions to explore and brush their skills apart from academics.

This RWCC was quite special for GIIS Balewadi as it marked the booming success of students and teachers in many competitions. Let us have a look at events that our students excelled at.

  • INTELLECTUAL COMBAT : It was on spot competition for secondary classes with the topic, Tourism- If it supports Sustainability or not. The time limit for the debate was two minutes. Ananya Patil, Leisha Parekh (IX) scored second in the competition.


  • GRAFFITI, WORDS MATTER: The art that aims to be seen without being caught and to spread an important message is what the middle children were herewith. On the topic ‘Animal Conservation and Welfare’, Soumik Biswas (VII) scored third in the pre-judged competition. 


  • JUNKYARD: As the word suggests, students were to make something useful, innovative, and creative by using scrap. It was an on-the-spot competition with a Q & A session by the judges on the projects made. Gsm Ayan Choudhary, Jaiditya Pujari, Sparsh Kotgire,Yatharth Rajvanshi of Grade 7 scored second in the competition.  They made a garbage sorting machine that would segregate the metal, plastic, and biodegradable waste. 


  • JHANKAR: Yet again, self-suggesting competition for Upper primary. Students showed their best moves and Hirva Jataniya , Swara Pakhare , Aarya Shukla , Anwesha Shende , Naysha Dasaani , Aditi Talathi , Mitti Naushil ,Leisha Sogavkar scored second. 


  • DRAMATIZE: The pre judged event for Kindergarten, Hrihaan Sunder , Manya Agarwal , Eshaani Srivastava , Atikaansh Kumar , Nishita Singh won the competition by depicting a beautiful enactment on ‘Forgiveness’.


RWCC India 2023 was a profound experience for GIIS Balewadi. The teams went out their way and hosted a successful event along with our students bagging multiple laurels.


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