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December 13, 2021

GIIS Pune campuses awarded as top ranking schools in Teaching Excellence by Times School Survey 2021

Global Indian International School (GIIS) is delighted to announce that both our Pune campuses (Balewadi and Hadapsar) have been awarded as top schools in Pune under the Teaching Excellence category by the Times School Survey 2021.

The objective of the survey which was done by Avance Field & Brand Solutions was to rank the top schools in each zone in Pune. A 5- step approach was followed for the entire process to achieve the objectives of the study. A sample survey of 300 was conducted in all zones in Pune (East, West, PCMC) and the geographical spread of the sample was ensured by selecting multiple starting points.

Global Indian International School is an award-winning network of schools with a global presence of 23 campuses across 8 countries. GIIS, through its future-ready education, offers skills-based learning that hones students' inherent talent, teaches them new skills, and polishes their personalities to make them well-rounded individuals.

Being one of the best CBSE schools, GIIS nurtures a lively, experimental and innovative environment. In addition, Global Schools Foundation (GSF), the parent company of GIIS, has been recognised worldwide for high governance standards and has won ‘World's most awarded network of Schools by World Book of Records’.

GIIS is renowned for having SMART campuses in India that delivers NextGen learning to students. Starting in Singapore, GIIS’ SMART campuses were later opened in Pune and other cities. These campuses have ultra-modern classrooms, skill-based labs and studios, sports facilities with data analytics technology, safety features like facial recognition for students and much more.

At GIIS Pune SMART campuses, the faculty are experts with a wealth of experience. The dedicated training and development centre at GIIS ensures that opportunities are identified for each faculty member to help them improve their inbuilt talents, eventually leading to better student outcomes.

At GIIS Pune SMART campuses, knowledge and expertise get shared across our various campuses in India and abroad by exchanging best practices, ideas and conducting training and brainstorming sessions. This helps teachers adapt to global teaching standards and keep them updated about the latest practices and pedagogies.

While innate traits are essential to carve students into achievers, a school that provides apt technology to enable those traits remains as crucial. At GIIS Pune SMART campuses, teachers get various platforms to bring out the best in students. 

Teachers at GIIS Pune SMART campuses encourage students to think creatively, develop problem-solving skills, enhance their decision making through quality circles & innovative learning techniques. Their teaching techniques are collaborative, creative and adaptable to individual needs that give your child the edge he/she needs to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

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