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June 24, 2021

Innovation in learning and self –expression is the key behind Ms. Pinky’s successful journey at GIIS Balewadi

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instil love of learning.”- Brad Henry

Education is a medium of imparting knowledge in a way that it’s easily applicable to students in their daily life, believes Ms. Pinky Kumari of GIIS Balewadi. She feels that education cannot be restricted to classrooms or through conventional methodologies and must be provided with an aim of enriching the existing mindset of individuals. 

Ms. Pinky is known for her punctuality and systematic way of teaching. She is also known for completing her tasks within the given timelines. Her colleagues love her for being approachable and having a great rapport with the parents that helps them in establishing smooth coordination when required. Ms. Pinky is among parent’s favourite as she goes beyond her capacities to solve their issues and answer their queries without fail.

Recently, for her outstanding work and dedication in making classroom learning fun and interactive, she earned the second position in the inter-GIIS Functional Classroom competition. The award was based on offering the students an environment that is well equipped with materials and is suitable for the holistic development of the young minds at GIIS.

Besides her regular class activity, she has successfully completed several training programs as well as attended numerous webinars to upskill herself that have helped her in developing various competencies that add to her credibility as a teacher. She has also garnered Apple Teacher Recognition by completing six modules of training, followed by an exam for becoming an Apple Certified Teacher.

When asked about its benefit she quoted - “These certifications will further add more value in providing quality education to my students.”

Ms . Pinky has been associated with the organization since its inception and has contributed to the organization through her outstanding performance and unmatched dedication towards her students.

Her aim is to provide individual attention to each child. She wishes to provide them an environment that motivates them to explore their own strengths and weaknesses to understand their own potential and be empowered to tackle various challenges creatively. She also wishes to ensure that every child is provided with an environment that makes them feel comfortable and open to self-expression.

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