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April 26, 2021

GIIS Balewadi wins first Prize in the Global Student Exchange (GSE) Competition

The super talented students of Global Indian International School (GIIS), Smart Campus bagged the first position in the Global Student Exchange competition with their extraordinary performance, which was conducted on 23rd April 21.

The competition provided a great platform to all the GIIS participants from Balewadi, Hadapsar, and Tokyo campuses to perform and share their innovative ideas in a very unique way to a large set of audience, virtually.

This event marked the very first GSE competition for the Academic Year 2021-22. The topic was ‘Health and Entrepreneurship’, and was conducted in a virtual format through Zoom Webinar. The young aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs of Grade 5 were the participants. 

GlIS Tokyo went headfirst into the battle of creativity and came out with flying colours as they recreated the magic of witnessing a live event that consisted of a short presentation and a round of questions and answers, which kept the students hooked with the same enthusiasm till the end.

GIIS Hadapsar was next to present their health-based concept to the honourable judges. Their presentation style was highly appreciated by the judges as well as the audience.

Heading to the competition last, GIIS Balewadi presented their bit in the most interacting and thoughtful manner and were applauded for their interactive style of putting the concept on the plate. Winners were declared thereafter; GIIS Balewadi secured first place, whereas GIIS Hadapsar secured the second position, followed by GIIS Tokyo who bagged third place.

The team of GIIS Balewadi left no stone unturned to add yet another feather in our cap. It was indeed a very proud moment for all of us to witness such a level of competition and confidence displayed by all the participants. 

GIIS congratulates the young team of Nidhi Aglave, Shlok Maind, Neil Ravi Bang, Saachi Ingle, Suhana Parija, and Vaishnavi for this well-deserved feat.

The participants were judged upon various aspects like presentation skills, subject matter, teamwork, problem-solving strategies, and communication skills, among others. Ms. Vidya Neisaikar, an educationist, and Ms. Gayatri Moras - Vice Principal, GIIS Ahmedabad presided over the competition as judges.

Dr. N.K.P Ashok Raj- Principal GIIS Balewadi appreciated the students as well as the efforts of the teachers for mentoring the students throughout to achieve a deserving position at an international level.

It was indeed a well-deserved victory and the campuses showcased immense sportsmanship spirit. We got to see teamwork and creativity take a whole new shape and rise onto a whole new level of finesse and innovation.

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