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October 09, 2020

Tokyo student shares the experience of participating in IMC Virtual Conference

Testimonial from our student participant, Kanak Arjunwadkar, about the conference experience: 

Since we were children, our parents and teachers have always told us to give everything to do our best. We tend to grasp things better when we see them come into action in our daily lives. 

I'd say the whole IMC MQH Best Practice Competition experience was more educational than competitive. 

For me it was not just about the competition, but also a major learning experience. 

From the beginning, when we got to know we were to participate in such a competition, it was rather overwhelming. Why, because we were two students competing against adults from very different backgrounds. Gradually, we understood the main motive and purpose of the project. I learned a lot about our school during the whole process; the Universal Values it aims towards achieving and the effort it takes for its students to become Global Citizens. 

I truly appreciate the guidance we received from our Principal Ms. Madhu Khanna and Ms Neena, that helped me understand several nuances of presentation. 

This experience allowed me to look at things from a different perspective which I would normally overlook.

 I found the question and answer session the most thought-provoking since it was extempore. We got the exposure to see presentation from multiple institutions.

Participating in IMC MQH Best Practices was an enriching experience for me. Preparing, practicing and finally presenting has made me emerge a little wiser by the extensive learning through this entire journey. I feel more disciplined with deadlines and it’s a great motivation to keep sharing and learning through sharing our Best Practices with others.

Any student getting the chance to represent their schools in competitions like these should definitely go for it. Any advice I’d give to my peers or anyone who wishes to participate in such competitions is to keep your project as original and authentic as possible. Competitions like these are great learning experiences and I wish to have more opportunities to represent our school in the future. 

Kanak Arjunwadkar,

Global Indian International School, Tokyo



GIIS has also been awarded with GPEA Word class and a silver award for the Best Practice Recognition ‘Pacemakers’.

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