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August 16, 2023

GIIS Tokyo students pass the IGCSE 2023 results with flying colours

As many as 36 students passed the IGCSE 2023 June series results in all their attempted subjects, which were declared on Aug 16, 2023. 

The 2023 cohort rejoiced as the board exam announcement showed toppers with A*s in all subjects.

The overall result has been excellent with a school average of 79.46%, and all the candidates qualified for the IGCSE. 

GIIS Tokyo Principal, Ms Madhu Khanna shared her excitement by saying, “The IGCSE students have done us proud with their stellar performance. I wish all our students the very best for the next step in their academic journey. My special gratitude to teachers whose immense dedication paved the way for great results. A big thanks to the parents who play a vital role in the success of their children.”

Key Highlights for IGCSE 2023 Results:

Some of the major highlights of this year’s results are:

  • The school average increased from 77% with 20 students in 2022 to 79.46%, with 36 students, in 2023  
  • 61% of students scored 80% and above in the 2023 results.
  • 25% of students scored A* or A in all subjects that they appeared in.  
  •  All students qualified for IGCSE.  
  • Alaina Santosh is the school topper 95.63% with A* in all subjects. Followed by Menaka Menon, Nandakishor Bejoy, and Aniket Arnav with an average score of 94%, and Ananya Garudadri scored 90%, scoring A* and A in all subjects

We are proud that our Class of 2023 has emerged with exceptional results, overcoming all the challenges that were thrown at them and proving beyond doubt their resilience.

The school’s continued success in IGCSE results is indicative of high academic standards, dedicated and capable teachers, along with the high aspirations of our students.

Cambridge IGCSE is a robust programme that prepares students for an advanced and university-bound course like IBDP. GIIS has successfully run the programme for over 10 years and the students have consistently achieved exemplary results each passing year.

GIIS Tokyo Communications 

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