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August 25, 2023

GIIS Tokyo hosts a Fun-Filled Summer Camp

The vibrant grounds of the Kita Kasai Campus came alive with laughter, learning, and boundless enthusiasm as the GIIS Tokyo Summer Camp took centre stage, offering students a unique blend of educational and recreational experiences during their summer break.

This remarkable initiative was designed to foster personal growth, provide safe entertainment, and create cherished memories for young minds from diverse backgrounds.

The Summer Camp embraced its mission to nurture holistic development by offering various activities that delighted students while enhancing their skills and knowledge. From exhilarating outdoor experiences to engaging group activities, the camp proved to be a platform for exploration and growth.

A broad spectrum of activities awaited the participants, including refreshing pool sessions that beat the summer heat, energetic dance performances that set the stage ablaze, and harmonious singing sessions that echoed through the campus.

Under the English Language Support (ELS) program, students seized the opportunity to participate in skits, refining their speaking abilities and enriching their vocabulary. The program's interactive approach aimed to build confidence and fluency, setting a solid foundation for effective communication.

Educational games took the forefront in captivating young minds, sparking their curiosity and engagement. Treasure hunts, vocabulary quests, as well as online math and science games, provided not only entertainment but also an avenue for enhancing critical skills in an enjoyable manner.

The Summer Camp served as a meeting ground for students from diverse backgrounds, coming together in shared activities and experiences. Guided by dedicated teachers, these interactions facilitated cultural exchange and camaraderie, fostering a sense of unity among the students.

The grand finale of the Summer Camp culminated in a celebration of Japanese festivals on the open day, where students immersed themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of Japan. This opportunity to engage with local traditions and celebrations further enriched their understanding and appreciation of their host country.


GIIS Tokyo Communications 

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