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June 06, 2023

GIIS Tokyo hosts GIISMUN Chapter 3: Fostering Diplomacy and Global Citizenship

The much-anticipated GIISMUN Chapter 3 unfolded at GIIS Tokyo, on June 3rd, bringing together student delegates from schools worldwide for a remarkable journey of diplomacy and global engagement.

Day 1: Stimulating Debates and Diplomatic Skill-building

On the first day, the bright minds of tomorrow immersed themselves in stimulating debates, honing their diplomatic skills, and delving into pressing global issues.  Intense negotiations and collaborative diplomacy were the order of the day as these young leaders sought to forge meaningful resolutions. Each delegate brought a unique perspective, fostering an enriching environment for learning and growth.

Day 2: Deliberating on Critical Issues and Impactful Solutions

Passionately driven, the student delegates convened on Day 2, delving deeper into critical issues. Brainstorming innovative solutions and collaborating in unison, they aimed to create a lasting impact on the global stage. As the sun set, we were elated to witness the resolutions taking shape, alliances being formed, and the vision of a better world becoming a reality.

Closing Ceremony: A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment

GIISMUN Chapter 3 reached its triumphant conclusion with a sense of pride and accomplishment on June 3rd, 2023. The closing ceremony was a celebration of the dedication and efforts of all participants. GIIS Tokyo extends heartfelt gratitude to the organizing committee, dedicated staff, and, most importantly, the passionate delegates for making this event an immense success.


GIIS Tokyo Communications 

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