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July 06, 2023

GIIS Tokyo’s IBDP cohort of 2023 graduate with flying colours

GIIS Tokyo secured a magnificent achievement, with the second batch of students securing their diploma in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, results for which were announced by the Switzerland-based board today.

The school topper was Neha Nibu who scored 41 points, followed by Dhvani Patil and Hadeka Ahmad with 34 points each. Suprita Kagolanu scored 33 points and Tanzeela Waseem scored 32 points, respectively. The school average was 31, which is a fantastic achievement for the school.

“This is a stupendous result for GIIS Tokyo, and we appreciate the immense efforts of the teaching staff in facilitating the IBDP course,” said GIIS Tokyo Campus Principal Ms Madhu Khanna. 

“The students and teachers have proved that excellence is the outcome of dedication that comes with consistent teaching & learning.”

The pandemic forced the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) to offer a dual assessment route for the final scores. GIIS had opted for the examination route and safely conducted all exams, and all internal assessment coursework was externally marked by IB trainers. 

This route ensures students have the opportunity to complete this milestone in their learner journey and have valid results which enable them to take their next step in life.  

Ms Madhu also congratulated the teachers and the academic leadership team,  “This is a reflection of the quality of teaching, learning opportunities and the diligence of our teachers, coordinator and supervisor. They went above and beyond to provide all the support that was needed.  Not to forget, the cooperation and trust of our parents, who have been a strong pillar of support.”

Highlights of the IBDP 2023 Results

  • School Average: 31 points
  • School Topper: Neha Nibu with a score of 41 points

Student Scores: 

  • 11 Overall Candidates were registered for Diploma 
  • The school Topper is Neha Nibu with an overall score of 41 points 
  • Outstanding subject averages include English A Language and Literature HL (5), Japanese B HL (7), Japanese B SL (7), Japanese Ab Initio SL (6), French B SL (7), French Ab Initio SL (6), Business Management HL (6), ITGS HL (5), Physics SL (5), Chemistry Hl (5), Biology HL (5), Math AA SL (5), Math AI SL (5)
  • 45% of our students have scored 30 or above

IB is a two-year high school programme which teaches students to be self-motivated learners. Apart from the traditional subjects, IB offers three unique features including Theory of Knowledge, Creativity Activity and Service (CAS) and Extended Essay. 

IB students get accepted into many universities worldwide basis of their wholesome knowledge and diverse educational outlook. GIIS has been providing IB education in its Singapore headquarters since 2005 and has brought the renowned curriculum to Tokyo this year. 


GIIS Tokyo Communications 


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