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February 01, 2021

Social Responsibility Event at GIIS Tokyo starts 2021 on a positive note

As part of our social responsibility day, our PYP program took part in helping our local community by contacting and communicating with an orphanage in the Edogawa area. Many students learned for the first time the purpose of an orphanage and were very caring and empathetic to the nature of the children who reside there. They understood why it is our social responsibility to help those who have less than us.

Donations to the orphanage  

120 toys

57 items of clothing

105 books

12 school supplies

5 blankets

19 underclothes

8 socks

4 mitton

2 hats

1 neck warmer

2 masks

8 baby supplies

We had so many donations! We are very proud of our school community for pulling through together and collaborating in this endeavor. We are sure the children will be very happy with our contributions.

- Efrain Saucedo 


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