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February 12, 2022

GIIS Noida wins big at the RWCC India competition 2022

GIIS Noida students won several accolades at the international RWCC that happened last year. This year, our students did it again at the RWCC India hosted by GIIS Whitefield to virtually promoted inter campus learning among the students of India campuses.

We are extremely happy to share that GIIS Noida students flared the flag once again by performing astoundingly well at the national RWCC competition by participating and showcasing unmatched talents and skills in the plethora of events that were organized as a part of the event. Let’s have a look at the events our students participated in:

Create a Buzz - Poster with a Slogan- Individual Participation

The theme of the event for middle school was “Journey from pencil to screen” and for upper primary it was “Incredible India/ Digital India or A call to restore our mother Earth”. This was a pre judged competition in which the students were required to create a poster on A3 size sheet on the given theme. Students were judged on the basis of effectiveness in communicating the intended message, originality, artistic composition, creativity, message conveyed by the poster, and overall impact.

Two of our students – Satti Amukta from grade 7 and Smayan Bhatt from grade 5 won second position in their respective categories.

Oodles of Doodles: (Individual Participation)

The theme of this event was “Happy place”. Participants were supposed to draw doodles on the given theme on an A4 size sheet. This event was for lower primary category and the entries were judged on the basis of relevance in depicting the theme, creativity & originality, artistic merit (drawing skills & use of colour) , and overall appearance. Adya Gupta of grade 2 won the second position in this category of the RWCC India.  

Junkyard steam Challenge:(Team Participation)

The participants were required to choose any one of themes given and make a three minutes’ video to show the assembly of the model. Student’s work was judged on the basis of creativity and innovation, relevance and utility of the idea, usage of reusable material, presentation and understanding of the concept, and lastly Q&A round.

GIIS Noida team won third position. The members were Saurish Sukla (Grade 3), Hemansh Garg(Grade 4), Aadvik singh(Grade 4).  

Jingle It: (Individual participation for Lower Primary)

Participating students were to choose a theme and a 90 seconds jingle in form of a video that showcased a child acting and singing the jingle to promote the product. Students were judged on the basis of depiction of the theme, originality of the jingle, creativity, and over all presentation.

Richan Kumar from grade 2 secured second position in the lower primary category.

The objective behind organizing an exclusive competition for GIIS India students was to motivate young minds to network with a host of people and address problems of today. They are encouraged to research on their chosen topic, find solutions, and present the process.

Kudos to all the winning students and teachers for putting up an outstanding show at the RWCC India. This success is an example of the dedication, sweat and hard work that has been put by each member of the GIIS Noida community.

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