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February 28, 2022

GIIS Noida bags laurels at the GEMPAK VAGANZA 2022

With a modest beginning in the year 2002, today, Global Schools Foundation (GSF) is recognized worldwide as a leader in innovative and trendsetting educational practices. It is a matter of great pride for the entire GIIS family that GSF is in-to its glorious 20th years of providing quality education to its students. Year-long celebrations have been planned across all the GIIS Campuses to commemorate this milestone achievement. 

As a part of these celebrations GIIS - Kaula Lampur organized an international event across thirteen campuses, GEMPAK VAGANZA in the month of January 2022 and the Valedictory ceremony was held on 24th February 2022. It had a plethora of competitions students from 13 GIIS campuses participating with full vigour. Students from the GIIS, Noida campus also participated whole heartedly and has brought laurels to the school in different categories:

· Scienceporium-Young Scientists: These competitions are a great way to engage children to learn and test their knowledge. Competition teaches the importance of teamwork, success and failure. The aim was to empower and develop children’s skills to run their own science experiment and present their findings. Children shared a pre recorded video of their experiment. Judgment was done on the basis of conceptual understanding, design (materials used), creativity and elocution. Reyansh Gupta of Grade 2B secured first position in Sub-Junior category.


· Unsolved Mysteries: It was a group competition in which each group was allotted a mystery and they had to research and solve it. Then it had to be presented in the form of a PPT. Judgment criteria was research, organization, evidences & conclusion and overall presentation. Team of Arnav Pandey and Arnav Singh from Senior Category secured 3rd Position.



A performance art contest that was word based. It was meant to be spoken or recited with emotions to the audience. It as an oral art that focused on word play, rhythm, slam, jazz, monologue, recital, improvisation, intonation, and voice inflection.

The participants were supposed to write a poem based on the given theme and record a video reciting the same. Judgment was done on the basis of message / content, delivery & performance, originality, diction and overall impact.

Nandini C from grade 6A won 1st position in senior category and Riya Pachouri from Grade 11 won 2nd position in super senior category.


The Trash to Treasure contest was a challenge for the kids to transform every day discarded or recycled materials and re-engineer them into functional products / useful models by utilizing a variety of techniques. Participants had to prepare ONE working model (based on any scientific concept) LIVE from the waste material at home to explain scientific information to solve problems in familiar and unfamiliar situations or have some practical utility. It was a live competition.

Judgment criteria was originality & creativity, STEM value, usage of trash, understanding of scientific concept, utility and presentation followed by Q/A session. Aryan Verma won second position in senior category.


It was a display of individual brilliance, in a video, that showcased the best moves and elegance. The dance performance included dance forms which reflect the culture of any region of the participant’s choice. (Fusion of International Semi Classical and Folk). Judgment was done on the basis of technique, difficulty level, creativity, expressions and overall performance. Second position was secured by Aryaveer Singh Patheja in Junior category.

·FILM CRAFT: Creative Photography with stunning visuals

It was a Still Life Photography competition with combination of objects. Judgment criteria was Staging - Arrangement and composition of physical elements, colour, lighting, exposure and focus originality & creativity and presentation. Riya Pachouri in Super Senior Category came out with flying colours by winning 3rd Position.


In 2020, life as we know, has transformed dramatically in just the blink of an eye. The face mask has become an iconic symbol that will become a part of human history, which will forever be in our memory. In line with this, the competition theme was to design a face mask & convert it into memorabilia. This initiative aimed to showcase the ability of humankind to view the pandemic as another serendipity of life.

Judgment criteria was:  creativity, relevance to theme, originality, attention to detail and presentation. Veda Nair secured 2nd position in this competition in junior category.

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