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December 07, 2020

Virtual Sports Fest organized for pre primary students

Sports is an important aspect of every being’s life that helps in improving our health as well as teaching us some good qualities like discipline, hard work, patience, respect, team-work, etc. As educators, we should not dwell in the winning and losing aspects of sports, instead initiate students to participate more in gaining experience and attaining a better sense of sportsman spirit. The Annual Sports Day event just provides us with one such golden opportunity to learn and teach these qualities while practicing and participating in skill-based events.

This year being a unique year wherein we all are indoors due to the pandemic, to design a Sports Day indoors was a challenge. However, “Leave no stone unturned” is the motto and the guiding spirit of GIIS Ahmedabad. Hence, the school came up with the idea of a unique and skilled based Virtual Sports Fest 2020 for the GMP segment!

An array of events and challenges were the attractions of the Virtual Sports Event. Month-long Meticulous planning, discussions were conducted by the GMP team to make this day a memorable and successful day.

High confidence level, raised happiness index, and spirit of sportsmanship was evident among the students during the practice sessions and preliminary rounds held from 1st December to 3rd December 2020. The final round held on 5th December 2020 saw tremendous enthusiasm and excitement among the students, parents, and teachers. Right from the tiny tots to K2 children, the spirit of participating and winning was in full swing. The smiling faces of the GIIS Sports Champs added flavour to the fest.

The well-designed agenda and age-appropriate challenges for each class were highly appreciated by all. The students were equally divided into two groups of challenges – Time-bound and Maximum Attempts based. The challenges tested and enhanced concentration skills, Montessori skills, motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. The class-wise winners from the Preliminary Round on 3rd December participated in the Final round competition - Interclass on 5th December.

The Virtual Sports Fest began with the blessings of the almighty followed by torch lighting, oath-taking, and inspirational and motivational messages by Ms. Vaishali Borde – National Head, Co-Scholastic & Pre Primary, Mr. Caesar D’silva, Principal GIIS Ahemdabad, Ms. Gayatri Moras, Vice Principal, GIIS Ahmedabad, and Ms. Ruchika Dhingra, Headmistress-Kindergarten, GIIS Ahmedabad.

On the occasion, Ms. Vaishali Borde, said, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and this hold trues for our very young learner. Sports are important for children as they provide not the only physical activity but also help to build the child’s self-esteem, confidence and motivate them to excel in life. That is why i-play has been made an integral part of the GMP curriculum at GIIS.

She further shared some tips with Parents and encouraged them to help their children in choosing a sport as per their age, interest, and physical ability. And asked them to buy the necessary equipment and show their support and interest in the child’s chosen sport and encourage them continuously. She emphasized, that parents should teach their child sportsmanship from an early age.”

The enthralling performances like pom-pom dance, a yoga demonstration, brain gym presentation, and Zumba Dance stole the hearts of the audiences. The inter-class challenges were filled with sportsman spirit and with a sole motive of having fun while participating rather than stressing the aspect of winning or losing.

We thank the parents for the generous cooperation and hard-work behind every child. Without a doubt, the growth of children would be incomplete without the affection and inspiration that parents provide. We are extremely grateful to the parents for making the required arrangements and conducting the practice sessions at home as well.

Last but not the least, this day wouldn’t have been possible without the tremendous efforts of the teachers. The constant guidance that teachers provided our students during the drill practices is commendable. It is indeed the teachers who shape our society by shaping young minds with their wisdom. We are thankful to our judges Mr. Anand Vaidya and Ms. Shabnam for encouraging the participants and judging the event. Without a doubt, it was indeed, a Fantabulous Event!

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