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January 09, 2023

GIIS Ahmedabad hosts its 1st GIISMUN 2022 to commemorate GSF 20th year anniversary celebrations

Global Indian International School (GIIS), Ahmedabad launched the first edition of GIISMUN to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Global School Foundation (GSF). More than 120+ students participated in GIISMUN 2022 platform to develop debate and negotiation skills in an interesting and enjoyable way.

The Model United Nations (MUN) was organized by GIIS Ahmedabad students that witnessed students of Grades 8 to 12 as the delegates of various political parties and countries of six committees - Lok Sabha, UNODC, DISEC, ILO, UNEP, and IPC.

MUN is an educational stimulation wherein students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. At the MUN conference, students work as the representative of a country, organization, or person, and must solve a problem from other delegates around the world.

A total of 23 students from Lok Sabha delegates represented the national political parties such as BJP, Congress, and AAP to discuss the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) with special emphasis on the religious dress code in public institutions. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) had a total of 22 student delegates debating over the topic of narcoterrorism in their countries and whether marijuana should be legalized or not. 

The council of Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) had 19 delegates from various countries discussing how to tackle the threat of biological warfare and bioterrorism like the intentional release of viruses, bacteria, and other germs that can sicken or kill people. The United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) is the authority that works for the environment focusing on climate change, nature, pollution, sustainable development, and more. More than 20 country representatives came together to debate the environmental sustainability in active and post-war zones.

The mandate of the International Labor Organization (ILO) is to advance social and economic justice by setting international labor standards. A number of 20 student delegates deliberated over the advancement of labor policies of Middle East countries. Unlike the usual committees made up of representatives who represent countries, International Press Committee (IPC) comprises a team of 10 student journalists who were assigned to a reputed news agency. IPC committee members were not only required to report the proceedings of each committee but also had to verify the arguments made during the committee, capture photographs to authenticate the article, and interview the delegate for a quote.

The main objective of conducting MUN was to teach research, public speaking, debating, critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership to the participants. Along with GIIS Ahmedabad, Students from Crystal International School, GEMS Genesis International School (GGIS), Anand School of Excellence, Apple Global School, and Global Mission International School (GMIS) participated in the MUN conference. 

Here are some notes from the participants: 

Chahat Patel from Crystal International School had a great experience in the session of MUN. She said, “GIIS Ahmedabad gave us an amazing opportunity to enhance my communication and debating skills.”

Hetvi Shukla from Global Mission International School (GMIS) said, “This was my first experience in MUN and it was really amazing. My committee was Lok Sabha and I learned how the law is implemented and how difficult it is to run a country. I like the discipline and management of GIIS Ahmedabad - the volunteers, teachers, Secretary, President, and others.”

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