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January 03, 2023

Great participation in IDEATE 2022 - GIIS’s first inter school competition

More than 400 participants from 25 schools in Gujarat participated in the first-ever GIIS IDEATE - a one-of-its-kind competition that showcased student innovation and creativity. The competition themed ‘Be Innovative, Think Creative’, was also meant to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Global Schools Foundation, the umbrella organization of Global Indian International School (GIIS). 

GIIS IDEATE - ‘Innovative, Design, Expressions, Art & Creative, Technology, and Engineering’ had students from all age groups compete to win the top prize in 17 categories in events that included music, technology, fashion, history, writing, etc.

Students from kindergarten to Grade 12 participated in various competitions such as ‘Design for Tomorrow’ in which they had to design their dresses and accessories inspired by the artwork of renowned artists like Gustav, Klimt, and Frida Kahlo to name a few. Grade 11 and 12 students who participated in the ‘Futurepreneur’ competition had to present a business start-up plan considering the product services, marketing, operations, management, finance, and its impact. 

The kindergarteners competing in ‘Scienceporium’ had to demonstrate and explain the concept of experiments on Environmental Science and Earth Science. A science project was prepared and presented by the Upper Primary and Middle School students using reusing the wreck yard or sustainable materials in the ‘Wrecky Techie’ competition. The educators also participated in ‘Educator’s Perspective’ to present their viewpoint on ‘NEP policy or Education Alphagen’.

Ace photographer, filmmaker, and founder director of Preach Art, Mr. Chanakya Patel was the chief guest for the event. In his message to the audience, he said, “It is a good initiative by GIIS Ahmedabad and a unique platform for students to explore their creativity and innovative skills.”

The well-acclaimed life coach, Dr. Jitendra Adhia, the chief guest for the valedictory ceremony said, “It is an unusual concept that uplifts the confidence and learning experience of students. The idea was simple, to give an opportunity to groom, and GIIS Ahmedabad did it successfully.” A renowned physician, Dr. Hetal Wadiwala graced the occasion with his presence as the guest of honor.

Ms. Jyoti Thakur, a faculty member of the school KDARFS Jamnagar shared, “I mentored four students for the Wrecky Techie competition. Overall, it was an amazing experience and GIIS Ahmedabad launched GIIS IDEATE massively. The efforts made by the creative team, students, and teachers were commendable. It was a learning creative process experience for me and gave me such exposure.”

Srushti Kaushikkumar Panchal, one of the participants of Soulful Shakers - Classical from St. Joseph School shared her experience at GIIS IDEATE. “The hospitality by GIIS Ahmedabad faculty and students was something to learn. The words of encouragement from the staff members filled me with motivation to perform my best. I would like to represent my school over and over again in such competitions.”

Mr. Caesar D’silva, Principal of GIIS Ahmedabad congratulated and applauded the winners, participants, and respective schools to make GIIS IDEATE a successful marquee event. He said, “IDEATE has been launched for the Alpha Generation with an aim to showcase their innovation and creativity on the big stage."

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