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September 16, 2020

Students share wonderful ideas during Global School Exchange Programme on ‘importance of Data’

The GIIS Global Student Exchange Programme, that was virtually conducted on 26th August 2020, re-iterated the idea that knowledge when shared doubles in value.

Students from five GIIS campuses - Ahmedabad, KL, Noida, SMART Campus Singapore and Surat, met virtually for Global Exchange Programme cum Online Contest on the “Importance of data and how it is influencing our lifestyle and day to day activities”. The event culminated into the sharing of various perspectives, meaningful presentations and generating excellent ideas.

As part of the online competition, students from all the participating campuses were asked to collect, analyse and present a case study on how the data can be used to improve the quality of our life. Highly motivated students presented their research findings confidently in front of the audience.

GIIS SMART Campus emerged the winner of this online contest followed by Ahmedabad and Surat at the second position, KL at third and Noida at the fourth position.

The competition was judged by honourable Mr Pasrshvadeep Singh Rao and Mr Anil Bhelkar.

Improving our quality of life was also one of the major talk points during the entire discussion. Some of the great ideas shared were how can data be used to reduce the environmental damage done by humans.

It was an enriching experience for the spectators to attend the event because the students were brimming with knowledge and ideas. Since this is the age of technology and easy access to information and data, we understand that data today is a great connector of people, things, ideas, locations, events to name a few. A number of ideas were shared and discussed how data is playing a relevant role in our lives and how can we further benefit from it.

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